What is the Router Setup Property?

The RouterClosed The Router Setup property provides a way to divide long strings of data into smaller substrings. You can then use those substrings to populate other questions. Setup property is a question property available for Text Field, Text Area, File Upload, and Barcode Scanner question types. You can use the Router Setup to parse (subdivide) long strings of data captured by a question—such as from a barcode scan—into smaller substrings. You can then push the substrings to subsequent questions in your form. This topic describes the options available with the Router Setup property and provides a list of supported source and target question types.

Supported on the Enterprise tier only:



Router Setup property options

The Router Setup property provides a way to parse data when substrings within a longer, complex string provide meaningful data. For example, you can use the substrings to:

For example, a barcode string for a piece of equipment might include device number, lot number, serial number, and manufacturing date. You can use the Router Setup property to separate out these substrings and push them to target questions in your form.

You can extract the substrings in one of two ways:

  • Use a regular expression (regex) to search for values in a longer string and store them in capture groups (also known as capturing groups).

  • Use index values to identify substrings based on their position in the longer string.
Info:If you're not familiar with regular expressions and capturing groups, you can find some excellent tutorials online, such as https://regexone.com/.

Supported question types

Source questions

You can route data from the following question types:

  • Text Area
  • Text Field
  • Barcode Scanner
  • File Upload (JSON, XML, and text files)

Target questions

You can prepopulate the following question types with the substring values:

  • Text Field

  • Text Area

  • Radio Button

  • Date/Time Selector

  • Dropdown

  • Button Group