Create or Edit a Customer Feedback Form

Available as standard on the Enterprise tier and as an add-on to the Advanced tier:

Advanced +Add-on



  1. Your TrueContext Team must be in the Enterprise tier, or you must have Customer Feedback forms as an add-on to the Advanced tier.
  2. You must be either

Steps to create or edit a Customer Feedback form

Create a new Customer Feedback form

  1. Navigate to the relevant FormSpace.
  2. From the top menu, select Manage Forms > Create New Form.

    Result: The system prompts you to select the type of form.

  3. Select Customer Feedback Form.
  4. Give the form a name (required) and a description (optional) to make the form easy to find in the Web Portal. Customers don’t see these when they open the form in a browser.
  5. Save the form.

    Result: The Form Builder opens. From here, you can Set up pages, sections, and questions.

Edit an existing form

  1. From the Manage Forms menu, navigate to the form that you want to edit.

  2. Select Edit Form.

    Result: The Form Builder opens. From here, you can Set up pages, sections, and questions.

Set up pages, sections, and questions

Complete the following steps to set up a Customer Feedback form.

Info:To build a Customer Feedback form, you use the same Form Builder as for Mobile App forms. For detailed information about how to set up pages, sections, and questions, refer to the topic Form Building Basics.

  1. In the Form Builder, name and arrange each page and section. The following illustration shows how to edit or move items in your form.

    Note:Each page must have at least one section, and each section must have at least one question.

  2. After you set up at least one page and section, you can add questions to the form. The following example shows a “Site Readiness Check” form that requires a customer signature.

    Form Builder set up with one page (Site preparedness), one section (Customer Information), and five questions, asking for company and account holder details along with a signature

    These questions result in the following customer view when they open the form:

    Result: The system

    • saves the form
    • updates the form version
    • sets the form to Active, and
    • displays the form options.
  3. You can send the form to your customers in the following ways, as described in the topic Distributing Customer Feedback Forms to your Customers.

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