App‑to‑App x-callback parameters

You can use any or all of the x-callback parametersClosed As part of an App‑to‑App call to the TrueContext app, x-callback parameters provide a way to launch and send data to the calling app. These include x-success, x-cancel, and x-error parameters. described in this topic to send information from the TrueContext Mobile App to another app or URL.

Available on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers:


Tip:To improve efficiency and provide an optimal user experience, we recommend that you include all three x‑callback parameters in your requests.

Opens the specified app or URL when the TrueContext Mobile App user saves or sends a form, or when they transfer a TrueContext TeamworkClosed TrueContext Teamwork is an Enterprise tier feature that enables mobile users to transfer incomplete forms for other users to complete as part of a multi-user workflow. This can be useful for jobs that require someone else's expertise or that span multiple shifts.-enabled form.
By default, when a TrueContext Mobile App user action triggers an x-success callback, the Mobile App returns the following data:
  • serverDataRecordID—the form’s unique ID on the TrueContext server (if available).

  • clientDataRecordID—the form’s unique ID on the TrueContext client.

  • pfStatus—the form’s current status on the device, as described in the following table.

    Status Description
    Saved A TrueContext Mobile App user opened a form from the Forms box or Inbox, and then saved it.
    Outbox A submitted form is still processing on the user’s device and has not yet been uploaded to the server. This can happen when a device is offline, for example.
    Sent A submitted form was uploaded to the server.
  • Any custom callback parameters defined for the form.

Opens the specified app or URL when the TrueContext Mobile App can’t complete the requested action and generates an error.
Opens the specified app or URL when the TrueContext Mobile App user cancels an action, such as discarding any changes made to the form.
  • Different source apps vary in their ability to use the data that the TrueContext Mobile App provides in a callback.

  • Your source app must be configured to handle the callbacks and any data returned. You might need to check with your own experts to set this up for your specific app.

  • We recommend that you configure a custom App‑to‑App allow list to manage the apps that can receive data from the TrueContext Mobile App.

  • App‑to‑App callbacks are supported on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers only.