What is App‑to‑App communication?

App‑to‑App communication is a way to exchange data between apps on a device, even if the device is offline. App‑to‑App communication includes both inbound requests (“calls”) to the TrueContext Mobile App and, on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers, outbound “callbacks” to an allowed domain or app.

Available on all tiers:


Organizations often use work order management systems to dispatch work to front-line workers by means of a mobile app. The work orders typically provide essential information about scheduling, work location, customer contacts, and details of the service to be delivered.

App‑to‑App communication provides a way for the work order management system to transfer these “top-level” details to the TrueContext Mobile App, so that front-line workers benefit from the in-depth, dynamic workflow that the TrueContext Mobile App provides.

Tip:App‑to‑App communication works even when a user’s device is offline. This is critical for managing workflows in which the source app requires confirmation from the TrueContext Mobile App that a step was completed before the user can proceed with the next step.