Regular Sections


Each page in your form contains one or more sections, and all questions are contained within sections. Use regular sections to:

  • Help organize questions into logical groups.

    • Make it easier for mobile users to navigate through a form in the app

    • Structure information on PDF/Word/HTML documents

  • Make it easier to build Conditional Logic rules, especially to hide or show a group of questions with a single Conditional Logic rule.

Regular Sections in the Mobile App

Regular Sections show as blue headers within a single form page. Regular Sections can be expanded or collapsed, making it easy for a mobile user to navigate through a page. 

Expanded sections are indicated by doubled downwards-pointing arrow icons  on the far right side of the screen. An expanded section appears as shown below:

To collapse a section, tap the  icon on the far right. This will hide the section without erasing any of your answers, making it easier to fill other sections without scrolling.

A collapsed section appears as shown below:

To expand a collapsed section, tap the  icon on the far-right side of the screen.

More Information

More information on sections can be found here: