Repeatable Sections: Summary Table



Repeatable Sections allow mobile users to provide multiple entries for the same set of questions—like line items on an invoice, parts or labor on a work order, or time entries on a timesheet.

Once mobile users have added entries to a Repeatable Section, the entries are summarized in a table view in the main form in the Mobile App. This is called the "Summary Table." Every Repeatable Section has one, and its purpose is to give mobile users a summary of the work they have completed.

Info:The topic How the Summary Table works in the mobile app describes the field user experience in more detail.

Video demo of a Repeatable Section Summary Table

In this video, you’ll learn about how Repeatable Sections and Summary Tables help you to:

  • Handle the complexity of work in the field.

  • Manage large amounts of data collected in the field.

  • Assess the field situation at-a-glance.

The video describes row-level features such as Custom Column Setup, Inline Editing, and how to set them up in the Form Builder.

Add a Column to a Summary Table


  • A Repeatable Section
  • At least one question in it that is not an Information Label or Resource Image question.

Steps to add a column to the Summary Table

  1. Navigate to the Repeatable Section.

  2. Select Edit Summary Table or Questions.

    Display of a new repeatable section

    Result: The Form BuilderClosed The Form Builder is the tool that form designers use to create forms. In the Form Builder, accessed from the ProntoForms Web Portal, form designers can add and edit pages, sections, and questions, as well as attach data destinations and configure the form's settings. displays the Repeatable Section main editing window.

  3. In the Summary Table area at the top, select Add a column.

    "Add a column" in the summary table

  4. Choose the kind of column you want to add:

    Select "Add a column" and then the question name to add the question to the Summary Table.

  5. When you select Custom column (DREL), the Form Builder displays the configuration settings.

    • Enter a name for the Column Header.

    • Enter the Text Displayed in Cell. This can be a DREL expression, static text, or a combination of both.

      Info:The ProntoForms Mobile App only accepts certain DREL expressions for custom Summary Table columns. The topic Overview: Repeatable Sections provides a list of supported DREL expressions for Repeatable Sections.

      • DREL in a custom column can only reference questions within the same Repeatable Section.

      • DREL in a nested section can only reference questions within that nested section.

      • Fields in a custom column are read-only, and you can’t configure them for inline editing.

    • Set the column display properties.

  6. Select Save.

    Result: The Form Builder adds the custom column to the Summary Table.

Modify Column Settings

  1. Select the pencil icon inside of the desired column.

    You can edit the display settings of a Summary Table column when you select the pencil icon next to the question name.

    Result: The Edit Table Column window opens for the selected question.

    Select the action menu next to a Summary Table column to option the display settings. This example shows the default settings of a "Status" Button Group question.

    The following table describes each setting.

    Number Setting Description
    1 Column Header

    Enter the text that you want to display as the column header in the Mobile App. The column header doesn’t have to match the question text.

    2 Column display priority...

    Select a display priority for the column. Mobile devices can fit a different number of columns depending on their screen size. Priority determines which columns display on the device:

    • Low priority columns hide first on smaller device screens.

    • High priority columns stay visible even on smaller device screens. If a Summary Table has multiple High priority columns, smaller screens hide the rightmost columns.

    3 Text Alignment Choose an alignment for the column text. For example, you may want numeric columns right-aligned and text columns left-aligned.
    4 Minimum column width...
    • Choose a minimum column width based on the column contents. For example, set a Text Area question column to Large since it may need more space to display the text properly.

    • Device screens can display more Small columns at once than Large columns.

    5 Answer value to display

    Show field users either the dataClosed Options-based questions have a display value and a data (server) value. The data value is the answer submitted to the ProntoForms server. The Form Designer can choose whether the display and data values are the same or different. or displayClosed Options-based questions have a display value and a data (server) value. The display value is the answer shown in the Mobile App. The Form Designer can choose whether the display and data values are the same or different. value of an answer.

    This setting is available for the following options-based question types:

    • Button Group

    • Card List

    • Dropdown

    • Multiselect

    • Radio Button

    Tip:If you select the display value and your team has the Multi-Language add-on, the column shows the translated value on the device.

    6 Column can be expanded... Select the checkbox to let the column expand to fill any empty space. For example, if the Summary Table has three columns, but the device can display 3.5, the column fills the extra space.
    7 Allow users to edit answers...

    Select the checkbox to let Mobile App users edit their answers directly from the Summary Table without expanding the whole row.

    The following example shows what inline editing looks like on the device.

    This option is available for the following question types:

    • Text Field

    • Single Checkbox

    • Button Group

    • Radio Button, with no more than nine options

    • Multiselect, with no more than nine options

    • Slider

    • Geo Location

  2. Edit any of the column settings.

  3. Select Save to save your changes.

    Result: The system saves your changes and displays the Repeatable Section page.

Remove or Re-Order Columns

Remove a Column:

  1. Select the pencil icon on the desired column to open the edit window.

    "Edit Table Column" menu

  2. Select Remove Question from Table at the bottom of the pop-up.

    "Edit Table Column" menu

  3. The column will be removed (the question it referenced will still exist in the Repeatable Section).

Re-Order Columns:

  1. Select and hold on the dotted "move" handle in the column header.

    Move columns with the six-dot icon

  2. Drag the column sideways to the appropriate spot in the table.