Add Users


Each ProntoForms account is intended for use on one mobile device. To use ProntoForms on more mobile devices, add another user. When you add a user, you can control how much access users have to the web portal. Users on your team can also access your mobile forms in the app.

Watch the video below to learn how to add a user.

Add a User

  1. Under the Users & Groups tab, select Create User.

    Menu navigation to create a new user

  2. In the Account tab, fill in the new user's Username, Email Address, and Name. Please use a specific email address, as this is where the welcome email will be sent.

    Adding the new user's information

  3. Under the same heading, assign the user a Role. This will determine what control and how much access users have to the web portal.

    User Role options: Mobile-only, User, or Admin

  4. Also under Account, assign the user a Group. The user's Group; determines what forms users have access to in the mobile app.

    Assign groups in the Permissions section.

  5. You can select Send Welcome Email on Create, which will notify the user of their new account. For security reasons, we cannot send user passwords in emails. If you choose Set a password now, you will be responsible for letting the user know what their password is. Alternatively, choose to send a link so users can set their own password.

    Once you're satisfied, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Create to save the user.

    Choose to send a Welcome Email if "Set a Password Now" is enabled.

    Note: If your user has not received their welcome email, please check Spam or Trash folders, and verify that the email address entered in Step 2 is correct. The welcome email will look like this: