Form Submission Retention and Deletion

Retention period

You can access form submission data in the ProntoForms platform for a minimum of 365 days from the date the form was submitted. After 365 days, the data is retained for as long as you maintain an active subscription.

We encourage you to develop, implement, and maintain procedures to retrieve and archive form submission data to your own systems in a timely manner.

Note: The form submission retention period applies only to the data contained in form submissions. This retention period does not apply to form resources or other data, which we store until you delete them, or until you terminate your ProntoForms agreement.

Form submission deletion process

Each of the following events triggers the deletion process:

  • You terminate your ProntoForms agreement. 
    Note: Upon termination of your ProntoForms agreement, you can no longer access your form submissions.

    Result: Your form submissions are retained on ProntoForms’ servers for seven (7) days, and permanently deleted from ProntoForms' Disaster Recovery storage forty-five (45) days thereafter.