Question Type: Document Editor

A Document Editor question enables technicians to annotate a PDF document. This topic describes when, why, and how to add a Document Editor question to your form.

Available on the Enterprise tier only:



What is a Document Editor question?

A Document Editor question uses Resource Documents to enable technicians to annotate a PDF file. You can also enable technicians to upload PDFs from their device. In the ProntoForms Mobile App, the technician can draw or type directly on the document page. In the Web Portal, on the Form Submissions page, you can download and view the annotated file from an attachment link.

Example of a Document Editor question

A contractor meets with a client for an on-site job evaluation and quote. The contractor opens their form to gather information about the job, such as cost estimates and additional client requests.

With a Document Editor question, the contractor opens a PDF with a floor plan of the job site. They mark on the floor plan to show the client where new power sockets will be installed:

A Form Document opened in a Document Editor question displays an office floorplan. The field user marks with a red "x" for wall outlets and a blue "x" for floor outlets.

The contractor saves their annotations and completes the rest of the form. If they need to make changes to the file, the contractor can open the PDF again with their previous notes intact.

After the contractor submits the form, a ProntoForms Admin user can view and download the annotated PDF file on the Form Submissions page.

On the form submissions details page, you can view the submitted PDF files or download the annotated file to your device.

When to use a Document Editor question

Use a Document Editor question when:

  • You want technicians to annotate multiple pages in a single document.

  • You need technicians to annotate multiple PDF files (up to three Resource Documents).

  • Technicians have files on their local device to attach to the form and annotate.

  • Your business back-end system requires an annotated PDF file.

Create or edit a Document Editor question


Steps to create or edit a Document Editor question

  1. Select the form you want to work on:

    Manage Forms > List Forms > FormName

  2. Select Edit Form.

    Result: The system opens the form in edit mode.

  3. Do you want to create a new Document Editor question?

    • If yes, select Add A Question.

    • If no, select the existing Document Editor question you want to edit and then go to step 5.

  4. Select Document Editor from the list of question types.

    On the Question Type page, you can find Document Editor on the Attachment-Based tab, or with the search bar. The Document Editor icon displays a notepad page with a pencil.

    Tip: To filter the list, start typing the name of the question type and then select an option.

    Result: The system displays the configuration page for the Document Editor question.

  5. Enter the Question Text and Unique IDClosed A Unique ID refers to the specific identifier of a question, form page, form section, or Data Destination. Unique IDs are used as reference points when pulling data for conditional logic, Analytics projects, Data Destinations, and Documents., and then apply Restrictions as needed.

  6. On the Properties tab, configure the question properties:

    • Maximum Attachments: Select how many files a user can upload from their device, up to a maximum of ten files.

    • Allow users to supply a PDF document from their device: (Optional) Select the checkbox to enable users to upload a PDF file from their device.

    • Allow Users to Annotate Resource Documents: Switch on this property to select up to three unique Resource Documents to the question.

      "Allow Users to Annotate..." switch set to ON, which displays a dropdown list of Resource Documents for the user to choose from.

      Note:To save the question to your form, you must attach at least one Resource Document or enable users to upload files.

    • Custom Filename Prefix: (Optional) Use DREL and static text to add a prefix to the submitted document’s filename. By default, the filename also contains the question Unique ID.

  7. (Optional) Configure the question’s Help Options.

  8. Select Save.

    Result: The system saves your changes to the new or edited question.

    Tip:Remember to Save and Deploy the form when you’re ready to make it available to your field users.