Adding Help Content to Questions

Supported on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers:




Adding "Help" content to forms enables users to access additional support when they're out in the field. Users simply tap the help button next to a question to see YouTube videos, web pages, work instructions, or images.

Help Options

In the Form Builder, the Help OptionsClosed Help Options are ways to add help content, such as YouTube videos, web pages, text, or images, to questions in a form. Mobile users simply tap the help icon next to a question to see the help that the form designer provided. tab appears on every question type, usually as the last tab listed. To enable this feature, set the Provide help to mobile users toggle to ON. The following example shows the toggle on, with the help options displayed.

On a question's Help Options tab, toggle "Provide help to mobile users" and select a Help Type to configure help information.

You can select one of the following types of user help:

  • YouTube Video: Provide a link to a YouTube video (for online users).

  • Web Link: Provide a link to a relevant web page (for online users). We recommend using HTTPS for iOS to prevent any third-party apps from initializing non-HTTPS links.
    Users can open the web link within the ProntoForms app or in an external web browser.

    Tip: For secure sites that require user credentials (login), advise users to open the link in an external browser. This uses the external browser settings to keep the user logged in to the secure site.
  • HTML Text: Enter work instructions or user assistance in the text editor to display to the user as HTML-formatted, offline content. Formatting options include different font sizes, lists, and more.

    Info:Although you can include links to web pages and images, remember that these links are only available to online users.

Tip: Always test a form's performance on your users' least powerful mobile devices.

Add Images to Question Help Content

Select from the already uploaded Form Images and display up to six images per question.

  1. Is the image you want to use already uploaded to your FormSpace? (Go to Manage Forms > Form Resources to check.)

    • If yes, go to step 2.

    • If no, upload the Form Image.

  2. In your form, select Form Images.

  3. Select an image from the list of Form Images in your FormSpace.

    For a question's Help Options, you can select Form Images in your FormSpace from a dropdown when you select the "Form Images" help type.

  4. Repeat step 3 for up to six images.

    Note:If you add more than one image, the help window displays a grid of image thumbnails. The user chooses the image that they want to enlarge. To prevent the user having to scroll sideways to see a large image, remember to size all images appropriately for the mobile user device.
  5. Select Save.

    Tip: Always test a form's performance on your users' least powerful mobile devices.

See Help Content on a Mobile Device

A question with any Help Option has a question icon to the right. Users simply tap or select the icon to see the help content.


This opens the help information box as shown in the following example, which shows a linked image.