Form Submission Status

The term Form Submission refers to a dispatched or submitted form, also known as a record. This topic describes how the statuses on the Form Submissions page help you manage the progress of a record through a workflow. The status helps you identify any records that you might need to act on.

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When does the status change?

The status changes when:

Form Submission status descriptions

The Form Submissions page displays the status of each record. Each status is represented by an icon as shown in the following tables.

Dispatch icons

DispatchClosed The term "dispatch" refers to the act of sending a form to a mobile user or customer. Typically, a dispatched form includes some information pre-filled to give the recipient context for the work to be done. Dispatch can be manual or automated (using a Dispatch Data Destination or the TrueContext REST API). icons track the progress of records dispatched to a mobile user.

Icon Status Description

In Progress (Dispatching)

The system is dispatching the record. This icon is displayed until the mobile user reconciles their device.
In Progress (Dispatched) The mobile user received the dispatched record in their Inbox.
Dispatch Declined The mobile user declined a record dispatched to them.

In progress icons

In progress icons track unfinished records that a mobile user has submitted.

Icon Status Description
Incomplete This status applies to forms with TrueContext Teamwork enabled. A mobile user submitted a record as incomplete or transferred it to another user. When the incomplete record reaches the server, its status changes to Incomplete.

Server upload icons

Server upload icons track the progress of records submitted by a mobile user as they are uploaded and processed by the system.

Icon Status Description
In Progress (Uploading) The system is uploading a newly submitted record. The record remains in this status if a mobile user's device disconnects during the upload.
In Progress (Uploaded) The system uploaded the record successfully.
Upload Failed The system can’t upload the submitted record. This is a server issue. The upload will continue when servers are back online.

In Progress (Processing)

The system received and is processing the record.
In Progress (Processed) The system processed the record successfully.
In Progress (Processing Failed) The system can't process the submitted record due to an error. Select the Reference Number for more information about the error.

Complete icons

Complete icons mark submissions that have finished uploading and processing.

Icon Status Description
Complete A mobile user sent a complete record.
Complete (Sent for Editing) A supervisor sent a complete record to a user for editing.
Complete (Edited) A mobile user sent a complete, edited record.
Complete (Error) A mobile user submitted a record. The system processed the record successfully, but a Data DestinationClosed A Data Destination specifies where to send data from a submitted form. You can use Data Destinations to automate data sharing and storage, routing data to a specific service (such as email or cloud storage) in several different formats. or other action failed due to an error. Select the Reference Number to get more information about the error.

Assignment states

Assignment states are substatuses that mark a form submission as assigned or unassigned. These states appear in the Assignee column on the Form Submissions list, and beside the Assignee field on a Form Submission details page.

An assignee is a person who “owns” the record and has an action to perform. Statuses that mark automated processes, like uploading and processing, do not have an assignment state.

The Unassigned state only applies to the:

  • TrueContext Teamwork workflow. Mobile users submit incomplete records for other users to claim and complete.

Icon State Applicable statuses
  • Dispatch (In Progress)
  • Incomplete
  • Complete (Sent for Editing)
  • Incomplete

Tip: To see more details about the status of a Form Submission, select the reference number to go to the details page.

Interpret the form submission status icons

The icons have some common characteristics that can give you an idea of what they represent. Use the following guidelines to interpret the icons.

  • An arrow pointing down indicates a dispatch.
  • An arrow pointing up indicates a data upload.
  • A solid green circle indicates a completed form.
  • A pencil indicates an edited form.
  • An X indicates an error.

A form that isn’t complete usually features an icon that stands out. This can help you to make decisions about which records you need to move along in the workflow.

How the system assigns a form submission status

The status of a Form Submission can be a combination of the States and a Data State or a Workflow Action.

Form Submission State is In Progress. Data State is Processing.

Form Submission State is Complete. Workflow Action is Sent for Editing.

Form Submissions (records) can be in any of the following States:
  • In Progress—A supervisor dispatched a form to a user. The form is on its way to or on the user’s mobile device.

  • Dispatch Declined—The user declined the dispatched form.

  • Incomplete—The user transferred an incomplete TrueContext Teamwork-enabled form (Enterprise tier only).

  • Complete—The user submitted the completed form.

Data States
Data States indicate how the information from a dispatched or submitted form moves between the server, and the Mobile App:
  • Uploading
  • Upload failed
  • Processing
  • Processing failed
  • Dispatching
  • Dispatched
Workflow Actions
Workflow Actions indicate the actions users take on the form:
  • Dispatch Declined
  • Incomplete (Unassigned)
  • Incomplete (Reassigned)
  • Complete (Sent for editing)
  • Complete (Edited)

Tip:The TrueContext Teamwork feature is available on the Enterprise tier.

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