Repeatable Sections: Footer


The footer of a repeatable section displays summary information about the answers in a Repeatable sectionClosed A Repeatable Section is a type of section that contains sets of questions that the field user can answer multiple times, “repeating” the process as needed. For example, the field user can answer the same set of questions for each piece of equipment that they need to inspect..

It is typically used to aggregate numbers inside of a Repeatable section—to count a number of answers, to Sum a number of subtotals to create a total, etc.

It is also a way to get answers out of a Repeatable section so that they can be referenced elsewhere or drive Conditional Logic (as answers inside of Repeatable sections cannot be referenced in any other way).

For information on building repeatable sections: Building Repeatable Sections.

Add an Item to a Repeatable Section Footer

  1. Find your Repeatable section in the Form, and press the Add Footer Item button underneath it.

    Add a footer to a repeatable section

  2. Choose your question type. The supported types are:

  3. Create the question, and it will be added to the footer.

    A footer added to a repeatable section