Repeatable Sections: Settings



The repeatable sections settings screen gives you the ability to edit a number of your repeatable sectionClosed A Repeatable Section is a subform that contains a set of related questions. The data captured is “repeating”, because the field user can complete the same subform more than once, which creates multiple entries.'s properties, largely to do with restrictions on questions within. Any changes made will be saved to a new version of the form.

For information on building repeatable sections: Building Repeatable Sections.

Repeatable Section Settings

To access the Settings, navigate to the appropriate repeatable section and select Settings from the top navigation bar:

"Settings" on the repeatable section top navigation

Available Settings

Enforce a min and max number of entries

This setting allows you to ensure your users have at least one entry, or do not go over a certain number of entries. Toggling this setting on opens the Min and Max boxes. You may set a minimum and leave the maximum entries blank, or vice-versa.

Setting a minimum number of entries can be used to make a section "required", for example.

Summary Table Display Properties (Enterprise Tier)

Users on the Enterprise tier can further customize the display of Summary Tables in the Mobile App. The following image shows the display options available.

Info:The topic Repeatable Sections: Summary Table describes these settings in more detail.

Additional Restrictions

These restrictions are intended for forms where entries are created by dispatching or are populated from other questions. Read more about pushing data to other questions.

These settings restrict actions by mobile users. Combine these options to restrict your mobile users from data entry errors. An example of this is if you want to prevent users from deleting entries if your repeat section is populated with a number of mandatory steps.

  • Prevent users from adding entries: Users cannot add any new rows.

  • Prevent users from editing entries: Users cannot edit any of the existing entries.

    Note:If you choose to prevent users from adding or editing entries, you can’t allow users to copy rows.

  • Prevent users from deleting entries: Users cannot delete any existing entries.

  • Prevent users from reordering entries: Users cannot move rows to change their order in the subrecord.

Row Copy

The Row Copy feature allows mobile users to duplicate a row in a Repeatable Section. The user can edit the copied row without having to reenter data, which saves time and reduces errors.

Note:When you copy an entry:
  • Attachments are not copied.
  • Date/Time Stamps and Geo Stamps are automatically set to new values.
  • Hidden data is copied to the new row.
  • Users must manually edit the copied row to avoid duplicating data.
  1. In the Form Builder, navigate to the Repeatable Section, and then select Edit Summary Table or Questions.

  2. Select the Settings tab.

  3. In the Row Copy section, select Allow users to copy all applicable answers….

    Note:If you choose to prevent users from adding or editing entries, you can’t allow users to copy rows in the repeatable section.

    Enable "Allow users to copy all applicable answers in a row to a new row" to allow mobile users to duplicate rows in a repeatable section. In the new row, attachments are not copied and Date/Time Stamps and Geo Locations are automatically set to new values.

  4. Select SAVE AND DEPLOY.

    Result: Mobile users can copy rows in the form’s Repeatable Section. When the mobile user copies a row, a duplicate row opens for them to edit and save. The row is added to the end of the table, and the user can drag and drop the row to reorder it.

    Info:Step 3 in the section Repeatable Sections on the Mobile App describes how mobile users can perform this action.