View All Form Activity


To get an overview of form submission activity in your entire account, or to find a list of submissions that spans multiple forms, head to the All Form Activity page.

Administrators can view all of their team's submitted forms that are still stored in the system (see Form Submission Retention and Deletion for details). Pronto Users can view the forms that they have personally submitted.

Note:The All Form Activity page displays dispatched and submitted forms that have been worked on within the last 30 days by default. You can change what the page shows by changing the Search Options filters.

This page is useful for:

  • Finding all open dispatches on your entire account
  • Locating submissions across a number of related forms
  • Determining how active a particular user is
  • Getting a view of where all submissions on your account are being submitted from
  • Reviewing some basic form metrics

As with the pages for Submissions (by Form), when viewing this page, you can drill down into individual submissions to see what information is included.

Access the All Form Activity Page

  1. Mouse over the Data & Analytics tab in the top navigation bar.


  2. Select "All Form Activity" from the menu.

    Result: The All Form Activity page opens and shows a list of dispatched and submitted forms. The list shows forms that have been worked on within the last 30 days. You can change what the list shows by changing the Search Options filters.


Each row in the Results table represents a single dispatched or submitted form.



The columns in the table tell you different kinds of information about a form submission. 

Submission State

The icon in the Reference # column indicates the state of the submission.


Complete: The submission has been successfully uploaded, and all applicable data destinations have executed. 


Complete (Edited): All edits are complete and fully uploaded, and all applicable data destinations have executed.


Complete (Sent for Editing): The initial version of the form submission is complete and all applicable destinations have executed, and the form submission has been sent back to the original submitter to make changes.


Failed: A processing step has failed. Click on the reference number for details.


Uploading Failed: The submission has been partially uploaded but encountered an error. The user should reconcile. This can also happen when the user downloads a dispatch, an admin then deletes it from the portal, followed by the user trying to upload it.


Uploaded: The submission has uploaded but not processed. Submissions are usually only at this stage for a minute or so.


Dispatched: The submission has been dispatched and received by the user on their mobile device.


Dispatching: The submission has been dispatched, but the user has not received it on their mobile device. The user needs to reconcile.


The following actions can be performed on the submissions that currently show in the Results list. 

Plot on Map Plot form submissions on a map based on what location they were submitted from.   Forms containing valid GPS coordinates will display.
View Activity Charts Display forms submitted over a selected time period in a graph -- HTML or PDF format. 
Bulk Delete Submissions

Permanently delete all form submissions shown, up to 1000 at a time.  This cannot be undone.

NoteYour form submissions are deleted immediately from the ProntoForms servers, and permanently deleted from ProntoForms Disaster Recovery storage forty-five (45) days thereafter.

Legacy Features - These features are no longer generally available.
Export Data

Download submission data in a .Csv file.  This export does not support exporting data in repeatable sections. 

To export form submission data that includes repeatable section data, go to "Submissions (by form)".

Scheduled Export

Export form submissions into a CSV file on a schedule. This export does not support exporting data in repeatable sections. 

Set up a scheduled export that can include Repeatable sectionClosed A Repeatable Section is a type of section that contains sets of questions that the field user can answer multiple times, “repeating” the process as needed. For example, the field user can answer the same set of questions for each piece of equipment that they need to inspect. data on the Submissions (by form) pages.

Filter the Results

To narrow down the list of submissions, apply some filters. The list of forms is initially filtered to show forms that were worked on in the last 30 days.

  1. Open the Search Options.

    All Form Activity page with Search Options open. The Search Options show the default date filters set to the last 30 days.

  2. Apply your filters (see information in the next section).

  3. Press "Filter" to apply the filter to your results list.

Available Filters


FormSpace - Show all submissions submitted against forms in the FormSpace.

Form - Show all submissions submitted against a particular form. If combined with the FormSpace filter, submissions against all forms in the selected FormSpace AND submissions against the selected form will be included. 


Group - Show all submissions created by users in the specified group.

User - Show all submissions created by a user. If combined with the Group filter, it shows submissions by all users in the selected group AND submissions created by the selected user. 


Select one of the following options to choose a date period or range to include in the filtered results. The list of forms is filtered to show forms that were worked on in the last 30 days by default.

  1. Any Date - Records from all dates available in the system. Remember that ProntoForms stores submitted data for a minimum of 365 days (as per the Form Submissions Retention Policy).
  2. Use Date Period - Includes preset date periods including Last 24 hours, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last Week, Last 30 Days, and Last Month.
  3. Use Date Range - Allows for specific dates that are selected from a calendar picker.

Select one of the following options as the date to filter by:

Option Description
Date Dispatched Date when the form was dispatched.
DispatchClosed The term "dispatch" refers to the act of sending a form to a mobile user or customer. Typically, a dispatched form includes some information pre-filled to give the recipient context for the work to be done. Dispatch can be manual or automated (using a Dispatch Data Destination or the ProntoForms REST API). Due Date Due date specified when the form was dispatched.
Date Submitted on Device Date when the form was sent from the Mobile App.
Date Created

Date when the ProntoForms server:

  • Sent a dispatched form to one or more users.

  • Started uploading a submitted form. This applies to forms opened from Forms and then submitted.

Date Processed

Date when the ProntoForms server finished processing the submitted data.
Date Received on Server Date when the form finished uploading to the ProntoForms server.
Date Last Updated

Date when the form was last worked on. The date last updated changes when the form is:

Tip:This is the default filter option.


Execution State

  • All: Display all dispatched and submitted forms. 
  • Has Failed: Display dispatched and submitted forms that have at least one error.
  • All Successful: Display dispatched and submitted forms that have no errors.


  • In Progress: Processing is still being carried out.
  • Dispatch Declined: The user has rejected the dispatch. 
  • Complete: The submission has been successfully uploaded, and all applicable Data Destinations have executed. 
  • Incomplete: The form was submitted as incomplete or transferred to another user (ProntoForms Teamwork-enabled forms only).

Data State

View a Submission's Details

To view the details of a Form Submission, click on the Reference #. Read more about viewing form submissions.