Reconcile or Send/Receive



"Reconciling" performs a send/receive from the Mobile App to the TrueContext server.

A network connection is required in order for a reconcile or send/receive to be successfully completed.

Info:An admin can also set a form to refresh (download updates) between reconciles, when the form opens in the Mobile App. The topic Refresh Form Version and Data in the Mobile App describes this feature in more detail.

How Do I Manually Reconcile?

The ReconcileClosed The term "reconcile" refers to a send/receive action between the mobile app and the TrueContext server. This synchronizes new form versions, data sources, and dispatches from the Web Portal to the mobile app to ensure that mobile users are working with up-to-date resources. This also synchronizes new form submissions from the mobile app to the Web Portal to ensure that work completed by a mobile user gets properly submitted and sent through data destinations. A reconcile can be manually or automatically initiated and requires network connectivity. button can be found:

  • At the bottom left of the Home screen on iOS devices
  • At the top right of the screen on Android (TrueContext 6.8) devices.
  • On the top or bottom right of the home screen on Windows devices.

The device platforms that TrueContext runs on limit any apps' ability to sync while the app is in the background (not on-screen). Ensure that the TrueContext Mobile App remains in the foreground when performing a reconcile so that it is not interrupted.

  • Do not close the app before the Reconcile is complete.
  • Do not switch to other apps or screens before the Reconcile is complete.

Note: On some platforms, the app may continue to reconcile for a few moments once the app is off-screen, but each OS has a limit on how long this may happen.

Note that the larger the form (take photos, etc. into consideration) the longer it will take to reconcile, although this is still usually complete within a few seconds. Please make sure that you have a good network connection when you are reconciling your device.

When does the mobile app automatically reconcile?

In order to preserve the battery life of your mobile device and minimize unnecessary usage of cellular data, the Mobile App does not constantly sync to the Web Portal. However, several things can trigger a reconcile to ensure that users have the most up to date resources possible when working online.

Keep in mind that a reconcile can only be initiated and completed when:

  • A user is working online, and the TrueContext Mobile App has access to either Wi-Fi or cellular data
  • The TrueContext Mobile App is open and on-screen

The device platforms that TrueContext runs on limit any apps' ability to sync while the app is in the background (not on-screen). Ensure that the TrueContext Mobile App remains in the foreground when performing a reconcile so that it is not interrupted.

User actions that trigger an automatic reconcile:

Some user actions lead to the Mobile App initiating a reconcile.

  • Opening the Mobile App when it has not been reconciled in over an hour: When launching the TrueContext Mobile App, if it detects that it has not been reconciled in over an hour, it will attempt to reconcile if the device is online. This helps ensure that users working online are not using resources that are more than an hour out of date.
  • Submitting a form: When a mobile user submits a form and is working online, the app will automatically try to reconcile. If it is successful, the form will reach the TrueContext server. If not, it will remain in the device's outbox until the next reconcile is triggered. This helps ensure that submitted forms make it to the Web Portal as soon as possible, and to sync any new updates from the Web Portal (new forms, etc.) at the same time.

Web portal actions that trigger a reconcile through a push notification:

Some actions performed in the Web Portal cause a push notification to be sent to the Mobile App. Push notificationsClosed A push notification is an automatic message sent to users to inform them of an update to the content of their TrueContext Mobile App. A team admin can enable or suppress push notifications. are only received while a user is working online.

Automatic reconcile after a push notification:

  • If a user has the Mobile App open and is on a List screen (Forms, Inbox, Drafts, Sent) when they receive a push notification, the Mobile App will automatically reconcile with no user intervention.

User-triggered reconcile after a push notification:

  • When a user taps on a push notification, the Mobile App will open and reconcile. This is true regardless of what they are currently doing on their mobile device (i.e., on their device home screen, in another app, reading their email).

When does the Mobile App NOT automatically reconcile?

  • While working offline
  • While a user is currently working on a submission that is on-screen in the Mobile App
  • When the app is in the background (not on-screen): This means that if a user was working offline and created several form submissions that are in their Outbox, they will need to manually re-open the TrueContext Mobile App and reconcile once they are back online, in order for these to sync to the Web Portal.

What if I Need to Work Offline?

The TrueContext Mobile App is designed to work offline. Users can fill out and submit forms when their device does not have a network connection. No data will be lost. Submitted forms can be sent in by reconciling once a network connection is available.

However, the device does still need to be reconciled periodically, especially in order for submitted forms to be sent to the server. Otherwise, submitted forms will be stored locally (only on the device) in the app's Outbox.

If workers are frequently in areas with no network connection, administrators should plan accordingly, and not expect field users to have new data the moment the administrator makes changes to a form or data. If an update to a form or Data SourceClosed Data sources, also known as "Lookups", are external sources of data that you upload or connect to TrueContext. You can reference this data in a form to populate answers or answer options. Data sources save typing, reduce errors, and make it easy to provide mobile users with only the relevant, most current data. has been made that is absolutely essential for users to have, you can:

  • Set up a form to Refresh on Form Open.

  • Send out a communication to all users reminding them to reconcile before beginning work on their forms.