Box Data Destination


The Box data destination sends submitted forms to a folder in a Box account. Create custom file and folder names based on data in the form to logically organize and manage files.

Data destinations automatically back up data collected in the field. They reduce the need to visit the web portal by making submitted forms available through the services you already use. Different documents can also be sent to different services with a single form submission. Read here for more information on data destinations.

Box is a popular cloud-based storage service.  Box users can access, manage and share their content from various devices and locations. This makes Box an ideal service for storing data from mobile forms. Looking for two-way integration?   Read more about the ways TrueContext can connect to Box.

Watch the video below for an overview of integrating Box with TrueContext.

File Configuration

Send attachments in separate files, alongside the Data Record Document.

Optionally choose to send attachments (images, signatures, barcodes, etc) to Box as separate files.


This is the Box folder your documents will be sent to. If the folder doesn't exist yet, it will be created.

  • Single folder: Enter the folder name. For a folder named "Inspections", enter "Inspections".
  • Multiple folders: Use Data Reference Expression Language.
    • %f - to sort submissions into folders named after the form.
    • %u - to sort submissions into folders named after the user submitting the form.
    • %a[Question Label] - to sort submissions into folders named with the answer to a chosen question.
    • Optionally add static text for formatting - eg.  "%f -- %a[Customer Name]"
  • Subfolders: Enter a forward slash (/) following the first folder, and then the name of the subfolder.
    • %f/%a[Customer Name] - to sort submissions into folders named after the form, and subfolders named after customers.

Custom Metadata

Attach custom metadata to the document sent to Box. Metadata consists of key: value pairs that belong to files. For example, an invoice document may have a key:value pair of invoice_id: %r[id]

"Custom Metadata" table for Box data destination

Note: Metadata is in Beta in Box. Contact Box to enable metadata in order to use this feature. In the future, Metadata values will be indexed by the Box search engine. If you perform a search, it will treat metadata values similarly to how file titles or file text are currently treated.

Testing and Troubleshooting Data Destinations

Data destinations should be configured and tested carefully before using them in production. This is key to ensuring that TrueContext data is received correctly. Please consult the recommendations for testing and troubleshooting data destinations.