Amazon Glacier Data Destination

Available on the Enterprise tier only:



The Amazon Glacier data destination sends submitted forms to an Amazon Glacier "Vault". Create custom file and folder names based on data in the form to logically organize and manage files.

Data destinations automatically back up data collected in the field. They reduce the need to visit the web portal by making submitted forms available through the services you already use. Different documents can also be sent to different services with a single form submission. Read here for more information on data destinations.

Amazon Glacier is a low-cost web service for data archiving and backup. Glacier is intended for storing data that is accessed infrequently, and for which longer retrieval times of 3-5 hours are acceptable.


Vault Name

Objects in Glacier are organized into "vaults." Enter the name of an existing vault. TrueContext cannot create new vaults in Glacier.

Connection Configuration

Set up an Amazon Web Services Connection or use an existing connection. To set up an Amazon Glacier Data DestinationClosed A Data Destination specifies where to send data from a submitted form. You can use Data Destinations to automate data sharing and storage, routing data to a specific service (such as email or cloud storage) in several different formats., your AWS account must have the glacier:UploadArchive IAM permission.

Object Description

Configure an object description using static text, Data Reference Expression Language, or a combination of the two.

Testing and Troubleshooting Data Destinations

Data destinations should be configured and tested carefully before using them in production. This is key to ensuring that TrueContext data is received correctly. Please consult the recommendations for testing and troubleshooting data destinations.