User Permissions


User Permissions can allow regular Users limited administrative access to the FormSpaces their group is assigned to. This differs from regular Admin users, who have access to every FormSpaceClosed FormSpaces are where forms are stored and organized in the TrueContext Web Portal. A TrueContext Team may have multiple FormSpaces, depending on their needs. Admins can set FormSpace permissions to control which users have access to the forms in that FormSpace. on a team. These permissions are used far less often than FormSpace Permissions, and should be applied selectively.

User permissions are applied at the user level, not the group level.

Info:The topic Permissions Quick Reference provides detailed information about user, group, and FormSpace permissionsClosed FormSpace Permissions control the permissions that a user group has in a particular FormSpace. These are primarily used to control the forms (and the state of form) users can access on their mobile devices. Less commonly, FormSpace permissions give non-admin Users some administrative access to a particular FormSpace without giving them full Admin access to all FormSpaces..

User Roles

TrueContext permissions are, in part, tied to user roles. There are 3 different types of Roles:

  • Mobile-Only User
  • User
  • Admin

Please read User Roles for more detailed information.

Types of Permissions

Group Admin

This permission allows a regular User access to administer group memberships and user permissions for their group, but they cannot change FormSpace assignments and permissions.

Form Submission Listener

This permission allows a User to receive email copies of all form submissions (submitted by users in the group) that pass through an email data destination with the "Send email to the users with 'Form Submission Listener' checked in the Form Submitter's groups" option turned on. This permission is typically used for a manager or supervisor.

Viewing Configured Permissions

There are a few different pathways for viewing and editing permissions.

View permissions currently configured for a Group

  1. Mouse over the Users & Groups tab in the main dashboard of the TrueContext web portal.
  2. Select the desired group.
    • Users: Shows Users and their User Permissions, as discussed above.
    • FormSpaces: Lists the group's FormSpace Permissions.

View permissions currently configured for a User

  1. Mouse over the Users & Groups tab in the main dashboard of the TrueContext web portal.
  2. Select the desired user.
  3. Enter the user's Permissions tab.

Updating User Permissions

  1. Navigate to the desired Group.

  2. Mouse over the dropdown beside the group name.


  3. Select Edit User Permissions.