Set Up a Form for Dispatching



In order to dispatch a form to users, it must be set up to allow dispatching. Follow the steps below to enable dispatching for a form.

Set Up a Form for Dispatching

  1. Hover over MANAGE FORMS, and then select List Forms.

    Select "List Forms" from the MANAGE FORMS dropdown.

    Result: The system displays a list of all available forms.

  2. From the list, select the desired form.

  3. Select Edit Form.

    Select "Edit Form" to enter the Form Builder.

    Result: The system displays the selected form in the Form Builder.

  4. Under Settings > Workflow Settings > Form Initiation Methods, select one of two options:

    The Workflow Settings of a form titled "Test form". The Form Initiation Methods is set to "Inbox and Forms Box". Users cannot decline dispatches of the form.

    • Inbox (Dispatched Forms): If selected, users can only receive the form in their Inbox via dispatches.

    • Inbox and Forms Box: (Default) If selected, users can open the form from both their Inbox (if dispatched) and Forms list.

    • Allow mobile users to decline forms dispatched to them: (Optional) If selected, mobile users can decline to fill out forms dispatched to their Inbox.

      Info:The topic Set Up Form Properties describes all three Form Initiation Methods in more detail.

    Note:When you use a Dispatch Data Destination, you must set the form the destination dispatches to one of the Inbox options.

  1. Select Save and Deploy.