Prerequisites for a Salesforce Connection

A Salesforce Connection establishes secure OAuth communication between ProntoForms and Salesforce. You use the Salesforce Connection when you set up a Salesforce Data Source and Data DestinationClosed A Data Destination specifies where to send data from a submitted form. You can use Data Destinations to automate data sharing and storage, routing data to a specific service (such as email or cloud storage) in several different formats..

This topic describes the prerequisites in both ProntoForms and Salesforce to set up the connection.

Supported on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers:


ProntoForms prerequisites

  1. Your ProntoForms account must be on the Enterprise or Advanced tier.
  2. You must be a ProntoForms Admin user.

Salesforce prerequisites

  1. You must have API Access enabled in Salesforce.

    ProntoForms calls the Salesforce API whenever you send or retrieve data through a Salesforce Connection. Calls from ProntoForms to Salesforce count towards your Salesforce API request limits. The execution of a single Data Destination or Data Source can count towards several calls to the API. A call may:

    • Check for data updates in a Data Source at the frequency of its fetch schedule.

    • Fetch data from a Data Source.

    • Look up Fields in a Salesforce Object to identify where ProntoForms sends data when a user submits a form.

    • Look up existing Records in Salesforce when you configure a Data Destination to make updates to existing Records.

    • Look up Salesforce Record references to establish parent-child relationships.

    • Send documents and answers as separate attachments.

    A Repeatable DestinationClosed A Repeatable Destination is a ProntoForms Data Destination that sends data from a Repeatable Section to a field-based, third-party system. calls the API for every individual row in the Repeatable Section. This means that if a Repeatable Section contains 20 rows, for example, then the Repeatable Destination makes 20 calls.

    Test your ProntoForms setup to make sure that you have the right Salesforce licensing to support your intended ProntoForms use.

    Info:The following Salesforce topics describe how to check and enable API access:
  2. Your Salesforce user profile must have Read, Create and Edit permissions for the Objects you want to use.

    Info:The Salesforce topic Object permissions describes how to understand and modify your permissions.

  3. Keep the login information for the following Salesforce environments ready for use:
    • Sandbox environment (
    • Production environment (

    Tip:Your organization might have custom URLs for Salesforce Sandbox and Production environments. Get the custom URLs from your Salesforce Admin.

  4. Create a dedicated Integration User. When you configure the connection, log in to Salesforce as the Integration User (optional but recommended).

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