Decide on the Type of Salesforce Data Source

This topic differentiates between a Salesforce Report Data SourceClosed Data sources, also known as "Lookups", are external sources of data that you upload or connect to TrueContext. You can reference this data in a form to populate answers or answer options. Data sources save typing, reduce errors, and make it easy to provide mobile users with only the relevant, most current data. and a Salesforce Query Data Source in TrueContext. You can pull data from a Salesforce Object by using a tabular report or a Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) string.

Available on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers:

If you want to… Then…

Reference records from any reportable Salesforce Object using a report that

  • has a tabular format

  • does not have grouped data, and

  • has up to 2000 rows.

Set up a Salesforce Report Data Source.

Note:The data fetched by a Salesforce Report Data Source is truncated after 2000 rows.

Use Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to reference Salesforce records

  • from any Salesforce Standard, Custom, or Big Objects, and

  • with any number of rows.

Set up a Salesforce Query Data Source.

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