Prerequisites for Using App-to-App Communication with ServiceMax Go

App‑to‑App communication is a way to exchange data between apps on a device, even if the device is offline. This topic lists the prerequisites for using App‑to‑App communication between the TrueContext Mobile App and the ServiceMax Go app.

Available on all tiers:


Note: Inbound requests are supported on all tiers. Callbacks are supported only on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers.

ServiceMax prerequisites

  1. You must have an active ServiceMax Core subscription.

  2. You must install and sign in to the ServiceMax Go app on your Android, iOS, or Windows device.

  3. You must dispatch a work order that is linked to an active wizard.

  4. The User-defined Custom Actions setup requires Unique Identifiers for questions in TrueContext. Decide which TrueContext answers you want to prepopulate and keep the associated Unique Identifiers ready for use.

    Info:The topic Overview: Unique IDs describes how to find the Unique Identifiers in TrueContext.

TrueContext prerequisites for inbound requests

  • App‑to‑App communication requires that field users install and sign in to the TrueContext Mobile App.

    Note: App‑to‑App requests sent to logged-out users fail without triggering an x-error callback.

  • The search action works when the TrueContext Mobile App user is online, belongs to a TrueContext team with Search enabled, and has access to Search-enabled forms.

TrueContext prerequisites for callbacks

  • Configure a custom App‑to‑App allow list to include

    The default allow list settings depend on when your team was created:

    • For teams created before February 23, 2021, the allow list defaults to all callbacks allowed.

    • For teams created after February 23, 2021, the allow list defaults to no callbacks allowed.

    Note:In both cases, we recommend that you configure a custom App‑to‑App allow list.

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