Relaunch ServiceMax Go from the TrueContext Mobile App

ServiceMax users can specify x‑callback parameters. These parameters tell the TrueContext Mobile App what to do when a user submits or discards a form, or when there’s an error. The TrueContext Mobile App can bring ServiceMax Go back to the foreground and send it the submitted form data and metadata.

Info:We’re now TrueContext.

This topic describes how to specify x‑callback parameters using a ServiceMax App‑to‑App User-defined Custom Action.

Tip:You can’t specify x‑callback parameters for the URL Action Type. For a URL Action Type, the front-line workers must manually switch back from the TrueContext Mobile App to the ServiceMax web page.

Available on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers:


Note:Make sure that you meet the Prerequisites for Using App-to-App Communication with ServiceMax Go

Steps to specify x‑callback parameters in ServiceMax

  1. Do you have a ServiceMax User-defined Custom Action configured with a TrueContext inbound App‑to‑App request?

  2. Configure the x‑callback parameters to include in the request from the ServiceMax app to the TrueContext Mobile App as follows:

    1. For the Parameter Name, enter the TrueContext callback parameters as described in the following table.

      When… The system triggers an…
      the user saves or sends a form, or when they transfer a TrueContext TeamworkClosed TrueContext Teamwork is an Enterprise tier feature that enables mobile users to transfer incomplete forms for other users to complete as part of a multi-user workflow. This can be useful for jobs that require someone else's expertise or that span multiple shifts.-enabled form x-success callback
      the user cancels an action, such as discarding any changes made to the form x-cancel callback
      the system can’t complete the requested action and generates an error x-error callback

      Note:To make sure that the user always returns to the ServiceMax Go app, you must configure all three x‑callback parameters.

    2. For the Parameter Value Type, select Value.

    3. For the Parameter Value, enter a ServiceMax deep link URL.

      For example, launches the ServiceMax Go app.

  3. Do you want to return the submitted form data from TrueContext to ServiceMax Go?

    • If yes, you must configure the x‑success callback parameter value as per the ServiceMax documentation.

    • If no, go to step 4.

  4. Select Save and Close.

  5. Is the configured custom action part of an active wizard?

  6. Test the configuration.

    Launch the ServiceMax Go app, open a work order, and select the configured custom action.

    Result: ServiceMax Go launches the TrueContext Mobile App. When a user submits or discards a form, or when there’s an error, the callbacks are triggered. The system brings the ServiceMax Go app back to the foreground and if configured, returns the TrueContext form data.

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