App‑to‑App Actions

This topic lists the App‑to‑App actions that you can use to access ProntoForms from a source app or email link.

Supported on all tiers:


You can use an x-callback-url to trigger any of the following actions from your source app:

Launches the ProntoForms app on a user’s device.
Displays a specific view (such as the Inbox) to the ProntoForms app user.
Opens a form or list of forms in the ProntoForms app from the user’s Inbox, Forms, or Drafts.
Opens, populates, and sends a form from the ProntoForms app to the ProntoForms server without requiring user interaction. The mobile device must be online (connected to a network).
Searches by form name, form submission state, or date range. The ProntoForms app Search box opens and displays a list of submitted forms that match the search criteria.
Info:The search action works when the ProntoForms mobile app user is online, belongs to a ProntoForms team with Search enabled, and has access to Search-enabled forms. The topic Enable the Mobile Search Feature provides more details about the Search functionality.

Tip:For the Advanced and Enterprise tiers, all actions support the App‑to‑App x-callback Parameters when the user saves or sends a form.