Form Builder: Icon Glossary

The Form Builder uses a variety of icons. This topic describes the icons in the Form Builder and the purpose of each.


Selectable Icons

These icons are all selectable, meaning that clicking or tapping on them allows you to change things within the form.


Edit Icon: Any element of the Form Builder that has this icon beside it can be edited. This will bring up that element's Information page, allowing you to edit its properties.

For example, selecting this next to your Page Name brings up the Page Information screen, where you can change the name, unique identifier, and other page properties.


Menu Icon: Any element of the Form Builder that has this icon beside it has multiple available options. The most common options within the menu icon are:

  • Edit
  • Copy

For Questions, two additional options are available:

  • Move: Allows you to move questions between sections/pages.
  • Delete: Allows you to delete questions.

Drag and Drop Icon: This icon indicates parts of the Form Builder that can be dragged and dropped into different configurations.

For example, this shows up next to each question in your form. If you want a particular question to be moved higher up in your form's section, you can drag the question and drop it in the appropriate spot.

Static Icons

These icons are static, meaning that they cannot be selected. They are used to provide information about questions, sections, or pages.

Question Type Icons

These icons are used to show what kind of question is being used in a form. They show up when you select Add a Question.

For detailed information about each Question Type, please read: Question and Data Types in the Form Builder.

Icon Description Icon Description
form-builder-icons-v6_Text_Field.png Text Field: Capture text input in a single-line field. form-builder-icons-v6_Geolocation.png Geo Location: Capture your current location.
form-builder-icons-v6_Information.png Information Label: Show an informational message. form-builder-icons-v6_Check.png Single Checkbox: A question with a single checkbox.
form-builder-icons-v6_Slider.png Slider: Choose a number or range on a slider. form-builder-icons-v6_Text_Area.png Text Area: Capture text from a multi-line field.
form-builder-icons-v6_Button_Group.png Button Group: Choose one of 2-5 color-coded options. form-builder-icons-v6_Dropdown.png Dropdown: Choose one option from a list.
form-builder-icons-v6_Multiselect.png Multi Select: Choose multiple options from a list. form-builder-icons-v6_Radio_Button.png Radiobutton: Choose one option from a short list.
form-builder-icons-v6_Stepper.png Stepper: Use + and - buttons to choose a number. form-builder-icons-v6_Duration_Field.png Duration Field: Enter a time duration (hours, minutes, seconds).
form-builder-icons-v6_Date-Time_Selector.png Date/Time Selector: Select a date/time. form-builder-icons-v6_Date-Time_Stamp.png Date/Time Stamp: Automatically collect a date/time.

Time-Based Math: Calculate a date/time based on another date/time and a duration.

Enterprise customers have additional options.

form-builder-icons-v6_Duration_Time-Based_Math.png Duration Math: Calculate the duration between two date or date/time entries.
form-builder-icons-v6_Number_Calculation.png Calculation: Calculate any number. form-builder-icons-v6_Duration_Field_copy.png Duration Calculation: Calculate a duration based on other durations or numbers.
form-builder-icons-v6_Image.png Image: Capture or attach photos. form-builder-icons-v6_Sketchpad.png Sketch Pad: Annotate on top of photos, diagrams, or a blank canvas.
form-builder-icons-v6_Signature.png Signature: Capture a signature. form-builder-icons-v6_Audio.png Audio Recording: Capture an audio recording.
form-builder-icons-v6_Bar_Code.png Barcode: Scan a barcode with your device's camera. form-builder-icons-v6_Digit_Extraction.png Digit Extraction: Isolate numeric digits from mixed characters.
form-builder-icons-v6_String_Concatenation.png String Concatenation: Build a string using answers and static text. form-builder-icons-v6_Attachment.png File Upload: Attach a file.

Recap: Count the number of triggered Exceptions of a certain type within the form.

Aggregation: Perform various calculations on Repeatable Sections entries. (Repeatable Section Footer only)

The Card List icon displays two media squares with text descriptions represented as lines. Card List: Choose one option from a list of 2-10 media cards. The Document Editor icon shows that it enables you to make changes on a document page. Document Editor: Annotate PDF documents.

Data Types

These icons describe what kind of answers go into the question types. Data types determine the sort of data a question will be collecting. For example, different icons will show in the form builder if the question expects text, an image, or GPS coordinates from the mobile user.

2017-06-08-V2fb-NumericDatatype.png Integer: This is an integer (whole number) data type. form-builder-icons-v6_Decimal.png Decimal: This is a numeric data type. You can set the number of decimal places.
form-builder-icons-v6_Currency.png Currency: This is a numeric data type. 2017-06-08-v2fb-textdatatype.png Free Text: This is a data type that can contain alphanumeric characters.
form-builder-icons-v6_Email-50px.png Email: This is a data type that checks if your mobile users have entered a valid address. form-builder-icons-v6_Date-50px.png Date: This is a data type that uses a date selector to store answers as a Date value.
form-builder-icons-v6_Time.png Time: This is a data type that contains a Time value in standard UTF encoding. form-builder-icons-v6_Date-Time_Selector.png Date/Time: This is a data type that contains a date and time value in standard UTF encoding.
form-builder-icons-v6_URL.png URL: This is a data type that contains an http:// or https:// type URL. form-builder-icons-v6_Phone.png Phone Number: This is a data type that collects a phone number.
Duration: This is a data type that records a span of time. Attachment: This data type covers all attachments: image files, file upload, and audio files.
The Document Editor icon shows that it enables you to make changes on a document page. Document: This is a data type that enables you to annotate a PDF file.    

Restriction Icons

These icons are used on questions, sections, pages, and tabs to indicate what restrictions have been applied. Most of these restrictions have to do with mobile user behavior.

"Required" Restriction checkbox Required: Required questions must be answered before proceeding to the next page of a form or submitting a form. If a user attempts to move to the next page or submit the form without answering a Required question, an error message will appear advising the user that there are unanswered Required questions. "Read only" Restriction checkbox Read only: Read only questions cannot be edited on mobile devices. These fields usually either contain data filled out by an administrator in the case of a dispatched form, or are auto-populated/prefilled based on selections made earlier in the form.
"Hidden on Device" Restriction checkbox Hidden on device: Hidden on device questions cannot be seen by mobile users. These questions may contain sensitive information, or data used by questions later in the form. "Hidden on reports" Restriction checkbox Hidden on reports: Hidden on reports questions are not kept on completed documents and are not saved.
Restriction icon for "Keep question width at 100%" restriction. The icon is a green circle with a white horrizontal double-ended arrow. Keep question width to 100%: Keep question width... questions in a Side-by-Side Section override the section’s question-answer ratio. These questions fill the whole width of the page instead of the Side-by-Side Section two-column layout.    

Other Static Icons

2017-06-06-V2FB-ErrorIcon.png Error: This icon appears next to tabs, pages in the page index, and other form builder elements that contain problems that would prevent the form from deploying properly.