Question Type: Text Area


The Text Area can be used to collect text, and can accept alphanumeric, numeric, or special characters.

Text Area

The Text Area question type allows the user to enter multiple lines of data, limited to 4000 characters.  It allows the user to see a large amount of text at one time and is often used to capture notes or comments in the field. If enabled, users can use voice to text to fill text areas. It can be used with Digit Extraction or String Concatenation.



Properties allow you to set up your question in various ways. The Question Properties enable you to apply a validation rule and a default value. You can also apply the Router Setup property to parse and route data to other subsequent questions.

Question Properties

  • Validation Type: Validation allows you to check what information is being entered in a question and prevent incorrect data entry. 
    • Non-accented Letters Only, no spaces: Abc
    • Non-accented Numbers or Letters Only, no spaces: Abc123
    • Postal Code: A1B 2C3
    • Advanced: This uses Regular Expressions.
  • User's username as default value: Set the user's username as the initial value for the question.
  • Default Value: Set the initial value for the question.
  • Keyboard Type: Set the Mobile Input Type. This means that you can select a particular type of mobile keyboard: for example, if it is a question that uses more numbers than letters, use a number keyboard as the default.

Router Setup

The Router Setup property is a question property available for Text Field, Text Area, File Upload, and Barcode Scanner question types. You can use the Router Setup to parse (subdivide) long strings of data captured by a question—such as from a barcode scan—into smaller substrings. You can then push the substrings to subsequent questions in your form.

You can use the Router Setup property to route data from Text Area questions (source questions) to the supported target question types.