SharePoint Server Data Destination


The SharePoint Server data destination sends submitted forms to a folder in an enterprise SharePoint system. Create custom file and folder names based on data in the form to logically organize and manage files.

For more information on data destinations, please read: Creating and Managing Data Destinations

Data destinations automatically back up data collected in the field. They reduce the need to visit the web portal by making submitted forms available through the services you already use. Different documents can also be sent to different services with a single form submission. Read here for more information on data destinations.

The SharePoint Server data destination supports SharePoint Server 2010.

Note: If your implementation is not reachable via the internet, you may opt to integrate using the SharePoint Incoming Email feature.

Microsoft SharePoint Server is a Web application that allows for the creation of organizational intranets, and is used for document and file management. Recommended for enterprise use, SharePoint Server features system integration, process integration and workflow automation.

Basic Set Up

  1. Create the data destination following the instructions here.
  2. Connection:  Set up a SharePoint Server Connection or choose an existing connection.
  3. Set up the File Configuration tab as discussed below.

File Configuration

Send attachments in separate files, alongside the Data Record Document.

Optionally choose to send attachments (images, signatures, barcodes, etc) to SharePoint Server as separate files.

Folder Expression

This is the SharePoint Server folder your documents will be sent to.  Note: This Destination cannot create libraries in your SharePoint. It can only create folders within libraries.

  • Single folder: Enter the folder name. For a folder named "Inspections",  enter "Inspections".
  • Multiple folders: Use Data Reference Expression Language.
    • %f - to sort submissions into folders named after the form.
    • %u - to sort submissions into folders named after the user submitting the form.
    • %a[Question Label] - to sort submissions into folders named with the answer to a chosen question.
    • Optionally add static text for formatting - eg.  "%f -- %a[Customer Name]"

Testing and Troubleshooting Data Destinations

Data destinations should be configured and tested carefully before using them in production. This is key to ensuring that TrueContext data is received correctly. Please consult the recommendations for testing and troubleshooting data destinations.