Business Cards


Use this document type to send a virtual business card when a form is submitted.  The card details are populated using answers from the form.  When opened through a supporting application (like an email client), the file can automatically use the contents to create a contact.  Business Card documents are usually sent by email through an email data destination, but can also be sent by SMS. 

A number of document types are available, and multiple documents can be sent with a single form submission.  Read more about documents here.

NOTE: Most email clients will recognize the *.vcf file extension as contact information and most will allow you to create a new contact based on the information. However, this behavior may differ depending on the client. For cloud storage destinations, the vCard file will simply be sent to and stored in the destination’s configured location.

vCard File Format

Business Card documents are available as a vCard file. vCard is a standard file format for electronic business cards. Different version types are available that structure the data in different ways.

See below for the raw data of a vCard file created by a form submission. The UID shows the reference number of the form submission that generated the document.

Info:We’re now TrueContext.
PRODID:-//ProntoForms//NONSGML v1.0//EN
ORG:Company ABC
TITLE:Sales manager
ADR;TYPE=work:535 Legget Drive, Kanata, ON
ADR;TYPE=home:123 Avenue Street, Ottawa, ON


Create the document, select vCard as the document type, then follow the instructions below.

"Business Card" document type

Document Basics


Give the document a unique name. Optionally provide a description.


This name applies to all instances of the document, including downloaded documents and documents sent by Data Destinations.

Tip:A recognizable file name can help you quickly search for and identify files when:
  • You download files from multiple form submissions so that you can work locally.

  • You or your customers receive multiple messages generated by Email Destinations.

  • Use Data Reference Expression Language to reference answers in your forms.
  • Static text can also be included.
  • For example, %r -- %a[Customer Name] would name the file like "20140812-180001002  -- John Smith."


  • Some data destinations will overwrite files with duplicate names.  Make sure file names are unique by including one or more of:
    • %r - the submission's reference number -- e.g. 20140920-1815562464
    • %r[id] - the submission's ID - e.g. 1815562464
    • %t - the time the form was submitted

Document Timezone Source

Choose a document time zone source. This is the time zone for all dates and times in your document.

  • Team Preference Setting: Will use the time zone chosen for the team
  • Data Record: Will use the time zone the form submission is made from (as chosen on the mobile device).
  • Custom: Choose a time zone.

Timezone selector for the business card document type

Auto-Link new forms to this document

Selecting this option will add the document as an "Additional Document" to forms created or imported after this option is set.  Submissions made against these forms will be downloadable in this document format from the "Data" tab of the portal.


Card Details

vCard Version

Select a vCard version. This controls the basic structure of the data.

Basic Fields

Fill the contact information.  Use Data Reference Expression Language to reference questions in the form.  For example, %a[First Name] would use the answer to a question with the unique ID "First Name."



Email Address and Phone Number Fields

Enter unique IDs to fill these fields.  Make sure that these questions are the correct data type in the form (Email for Email, Phone for Phone Number).  This will ensure that only correctly formatted values are used.

Phone Number field for the Business Card document type

Geo Source

If you want to include a Geo location in the vCard, choose where in the form the geo stamp should be pulled from. This documents where the mobile device was when the contact information was collected.

Geo Source selector for the business card document type

When set up is complete, press "Create."  Link the document to a form in order to use it. 

"Create" and "Cancel" an event document