CSV Documents


Output data from your submitted forms in a CSV format. CSV files are intended for viewing your data in a spreadsheet format in the program of your choice (like Microsoft Excel), or for integration with other systems. This document type is extremely customizable. Choose which questions are included, eliminating any unnecessary data.

CSV files can be sent to cloud and enterprise services, web services, and more. A number of document types are available, and multiple documents can be sent with a single form submission. Read more about documents here.


Creating the document, select CSV as the document type, then follow the instructions below.

CSV option for document creation

Document Basics


Give the document a unique name. Optionally provide a description.


This name applies to all instances of the document, including downloaded documents and documents sent by Data Destinations.

Tip:A recognizable file name can help you quickly search for and identify files when:
  • You download files from multiple form submissions so that you can work locally.

  • You or your customers receive multiple messages generated by Email Destinations.

  • Use Data Reference Expression Language to reference answers in your forms.
  • Static text can also be included.
  • For example, %r -- %a[Customer Name] would name the file like "20140812-180001002  -- John Smith."


  • Some data destinations will overwrite files with duplicate names. Make sure file names are unique by including one or more of:
    • %r - the submission's reference number -- e.g. 20140920-1815562464
    • %r[id] - the submission's ID - e.g. 1815562464
    • %t - the time the form was submitted

Document Timezone Source

Choose a document time zone source. This is the time zone for all dates and times in your document.

  • Team Preference Setting: Will use the time zone chosen for the team
  • Data Record: Will use the time zone the form submission is made from (as chosen on the mobile device).
  • Custom: Choose a time zone.

Document Time Zone Source

Auto-Link new forms to this document

Selecting this option will add the document as an "Additional Document" to forms created or imported after this option is set. Submissions made against these forms will be downloadable in this document format from the "Data" tab of the portal.



Questions to Include


  • Include all questions: All questions will be included in the document.
  • Include selected questions, hide all others: Only the selected fields will be included in the document.
  • Hide selected questions, include all others: The selected fields will be hidden in the document. All other fields will be included.

The columns you specify will appear in the order that they appear in the form. Metadata columns (selected below) will appear first.

Question inclusion configuration setting for a CSV document

Page Orientation

Choose the layout of the CSV file.

Page orientation optitons when configuring a CSV document

  • Horizontal: all the data from one form submission is displayed in one row
  • Vertical: all the data from one form submission is displayed in one column

The first row/column (depending on chosen orientation) will show the question labels/metadata labels, shown below.

Horizontal Format

Vertical Format

csvhorizontal.png csvvertical.png

Metadata Columns

Metadata is automatically collected when the form is submitted.

  • Move columns to the "selected" area to include them in the CSV file.
  • Move them up and down in the list to control what order they will appear in.

Metadata selector for a CSV document

When set up is complete, press "Create." Link the document to a form in order to use it.

"Create" and "Cancel" an event document