What is a Salesforce Integration?

The term Salesforce integration refers to secure communication and data sharing between the Salesforce and ProntoForms systems. This topic briefly describes the Salesforce integration points in ProntoForms and lists the supported Salesforce orgs, apps, and extensions.

Supported on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers:


Benefits of a Salesforce integration

Organizations often use their CRM in conjunction with a field service management system, such as Salesforce Field Service or ServiceMax, to dispatch work to front-line workers. The work orders typically provide essential data about scheduling, work location, customer contacts, and details of the service to be delivered. A Salesforce integration with ProntoForms enables you to share data between the two systems and enhance the functionality of your field service management system.

ProntoForms integration points

ProntoForms can pull data from Salesforce records of any Object type into your forms. ProntoForms can also create or update Salesforce records with data from submitted forms. The following integration points in ProntoForms enable this type of communication:

  • Salesforce Connection—to establish a secure, OAuth connection between Salesforce and ProntoForms

  • Salesforce Data Source— to use Salesforce reports or Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to pull data into ProntoForms

  • Salesforce Data Destination—to push data from ProntoForms to Salesforce Objects

Tip: ProntoForms supports both Salesforce sandbox and production environments.

Supported Salesforce orgs, apps, and extensions

ProntoForms supports the following:

  • Any API-enabled Salesforce orgs and industry-specific cloud applications

  • Applications like Chatter

  • Extended solutions like ServiceMax Core, ServiceMax Asset 360, and other AppExchange partners

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