Examples of Salesforce Data Destinations

You can use Salesforce Data Destinations to create or update records in your Salesforce org and even post notifications to Chatter. This topic briefly describes some example use cases.

Supported on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers:


Create or update records in Salesforce

Your mobile users out in the field can update customer and equipment information in a form and seamlessly push that data to Salesforce.

Organizations often create custom Salesforce objects and fields to store detailed data collected in the field by ProntoForms users:

Shows custom fields in a custom Salesforce object configured to store specific form data.

Tip:You can show the ProntoForms custom object records in the context of related records for objects such as Account, Case, or Contact.

A single Salesforce Standard, Custom, or Big Object Data DestinationClosed A Data Destination specifies where to send data from a submitted form. You can use Data Destinations to automate data sharing and storage, routing data to a specific service (such as email or cloud storage) in several different formats. pushes the data from submitted forms to multiple fields within an object.

Route submitted form data to different Salesforce environments or objects

You can set up multiple Data Destinations to route submitted form data to different Salesforce environments or objects. For example, you can use one Data Destination to send data from submitted DraftClosed A draft form is a partially filled-out form saved on a device, or a preliminary version of a form that's been saved but not deployed in the Form Builder. forms to a Sandbox environment, and another Data Destination to send submitted Active formClosed An active form is a form that a form designer saved and deployed. Depending on your configuration settings, a mobile user can open an active form from their Forms box (user-initiated) or Inbox (dispatched). data to a Salesforce Big Object.

Push data to Salesforce big objects

You have ten years of archived field history data stored in a Salesforce big object for audit and compliance purposes. You can configure a Salesforce Standard, Custom, or Big Object Data Destination to push data from your forms to the big object and maintain your audit trail.

Update a Salesforce path

You might have a Salesforce path to visually represent the stages required for working through a process. A Salesforce Data Destination can update the path with data from submitted forms. The integration works in the following way:

  1. A Dropdown question mirrors the picklist that drives the path.

  2. A Data Destination configuration maps the Dropdown question responses to the Salesforce picklist.

  3. A ProntoForms mobile user responds to the Dropdown question and submits the form.

  4. The Data Destination pushes the Dropdown question response to the Salesforce picklist.

  5. The Salesforce path shows progression.

    Note:The Update Query settings ensure that the system updates the path for the correct record.

Post notifications to Salesforce Chatter

Your technician completes a field inspection and submits the form. A Data Destination can send the form data to update a Chatter Feed Item with details of the inspection.

Info:The recipe Post a Chatter Feed Item using the Salesforce Apex REST Data Destination provides an example of the configuration in ProntoForms.

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