How the Mobile Search Works

Online Mobile App users can do a Mobile SearchClosed Mobile Search is a feature that enables mobile users to display a list of forms submitted by themselves or other users and, if configured, incomplete ProntoForms Teamwork-enabled forms. A user must be connected to a network to perform a mobile search. to access their team’s completed forms or incomplete ProntoForms TeamworkClosed ProntoForms Teamwork is an Enterprise tier feature that enables mobile users to transfer incomplete forms for other users to complete as part of a multi-user workflow. This can be useful for jobs that require someone else's expertise or that span multiple shifts.-enabled forms. Users can enter all or part of the form submission name to search for it. They can also apply filters to search by form submission state or date. This topic describes in detail the different features of the Mobile Search.

Supported on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers:


Online ProntoForms Mobile App users can use the Mobile Search in two different ways. They can

  • search the ProntoForms server for previously submitted forms by the form submission name, or

  • use the Advanced Search to filter the submitted forms by state or by date.

Tip:Users can search by form submission name, apply filters to search by state or date, or search by name with filters also applied.

Search for submitted forms by form submission name

Info:The term submitted forms includes both completed forms and ProntoForms Teamwork-enabled incomplete forms.

Mobile users can use the search box to enter a form submission name. The following example shows the search results of all form submissions with the customer “KT Technologies” in their name.

A user searches for all form submissions related to a specific customer.

Info:In the example, the form designer customized the name of form submissions to include the name of the customer. When you customize the name of each form submission, consider what your users might search on.

Use the Advanced Search

You can use the Advanced Search to search by state and by date. The following example shows the different options you can select in the Advanced Search.

The Advanced search includes options to search by form submission state and the date the form was submitted.

Filter by state

If your team is on the Enterprise tier, you can filter search results by the following states:

  • Any state—all forms submitted as complete and incomplete ProntoForms Teamwork-enabled forms.

  • Complete—all forms submitted as complete.

  • Incomplete (All)—all ProntoForms Teamwork-enabled forms submitted as incomplete.

  • Incomplete (To Claim)ProntoForms Teamwork-enabled forms submitted as incomplete that no other users have claimed or have been assigned.

Note:Teams on the Advanced tier don’t have access to the ProntoForms Teamwork feature. For that reason, these teams can’t filter by Incomplete (All) or Incomplete (To Claim).

Filter by date

You can filter your search results by the date users last submitted the form. The system updates the form submission date when a user

  • submits the completed form

  • edits the completed form, or

  • submits the form as incomplete (ProntoForms Teamwork only).

To filter by date, you can select one of the following options:

  • Any Date—search for all submitted forms.

    Note:The Any Date option shows all submitted forms from the past 365 days.

  • Date Period—select a pre-set date period (such as Yesterday, This Week, or Last 30 Days).

  • Date Range—specify a custom date range.

Recent Search

When you use the Mobile Search by either entering search terms or searching with filters, the mobile app saves your search parameters. The app stores up to ten of your recent searches, including those that showed no results. You can select a Recent Search to repeat the search, and you can edit it to perform a similar search. When you edit a recent search, the system adds the edited search parameters to the Recent Search list as a new item.

The following example shows a mobile user’s Recent Search list.

The system shows a list of a users most recent search parameters.

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