What is the Mobile Search?

The Mobile SearchClosed Mobile Search is a feature that enables mobile users to display a list of forms submitted by themselves or other users and, if configured, incomplete TrueContext Teamwork-enabled forms. A user must be connected to a network to perform a mobile search. feature enables online TrueContext Mobile App users to search the TrueContext server for previously submitted forms. Depending on the team and form-level configuration, users can access completed forms and TrueContext TeamworkClosed TrueContext Teamwork is an Enterprise tier feature that enables mobile users to transfer incomplete forms for other users to complete as part of a multi-user workflow. This can be useful for jobs that require someone else's expertise or that span multiple shifts.-enabled forms transferred as incomplete.

This topic describes what the Mobile Search feature is, and what Mobile App users can use it for.

Available on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers:


Mobile users can use the Mobile Search feature to:

  • Track the work that team members previously completed at a specific site.

  • Access documents attached to previously submitted forms.

  • Edit previously completed forms (forms with editing enabled only).

  • Claim forms submitted as incomplete to continue working on them (TrueContext Teamwork only).

Info:The term submitted forms includes both completed forms and TrueContext Teamwork-enabled incomplete forms.

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