What is a Salesforce Data Destination?

A Salesforce Data DestinationClosed A Data Destination specifies where to send data from a submitted form. You can use Data Destinations to automate data sharing and storage, routing data to a specific service (such as email or cloud storage) in several different formats. is an integration point between Salesforce and ProntoForms. Use a Data Destination to push data from submitted forms to create or update records in your Salesforce org. This topic briefly describes the benefits of using a Salesforce Data Destination.

Supported on the Advanced and Enterprise tiers:


With a Salesforce integration, your front-line workers can enter data in ProntoForms and seamlessly update information in Salesforce. You can configure a Salesforce Data Destination to

  • create new records, such as new accounts, cases, and opportunities, or

  • update existing records with customer contact information, case status, or opportunity progress.

A Salesforce Apex RESTClosed The Salesforce Apex REST is a type of Salesforce Data Destination that enables ProntoForms to interact with Salesforce by means of an Apex REST API endpoint. If using an Apex REST API endpoint, developers can write APEX code to send custom messages that pull specific data from submitted forms. Data Destination enables the interaction between ProntoForms and a Salesforce or Apex Rest API endpoint. With a Salesforce Apex REST Data Destination, you can fully utilize the data collected in ProntoForms for custom actions in your Salesforce org.

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