ProntoForms Mobile App Quick Start Videos


You’re a busy field technician who needs to get the job done right the first time! The company you work for decided to use the ProntoForms platform to help you get the work done safely and efficiently. Now, you need to learn how to use the ProntoForms Mobile App.

To help you, we’ve developed a series of “quick start” videos that show you some basic and advanced features. We plan to add more videos soon. Meanwhile, use these videos to get started.

Note:The forms in these videos are designed to demonstrate a variety of commonly-used features. The forms you use in the field may be formatted differently or include features not found in these videos.


Open a dispatched form

Begin at the beginning! This video shows you how to:

  • Check your Inbox for the jobs assigned to you.

  • Get driving directions to the job site.

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Complete a site hazard inspection

We value safety above all. This video shows you how to:

  • Check that you have the equipment and training that you need to do the job safely.

  • Perform a site inspection and efficiently record your findings.

  • List any hazards and how you’ll remove them before you start work.

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Complete an HVAC system inspection

Efficiency and accuracy are important to your business. Inspect all of your customer’s units during a single site visit. This video shows you how to:

  • Compare unit details to select the correct unit from a list.

  • Copy and edit entries with similar answers to save time.

  • Quickly update your list of safety hazards with information about how you addressed them.

Tip:If you’re watching this video on a mobile device, rotate your device to view it in landscape mode.

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Submit a form

Submit your inspection results before you leave the job site! This video shows you how to:

  • Check a summary of your form to make sure you answered everything correctly.

  • Add your signature to confirm the inspection.

  • Get customer sign-off before you send the form to head office.

  • Submit your completed form.

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