Android Client Settings

You can use the TrueContext Mobile App as soon as you install it—just open the app and sign in. For more information and setup options, navigate to your Settings. You can check the app version, change notifications, reset your password, add a passcode for extra security, or get help from Support. This topic describes the options and information available in the Android app settings.


Access the Settings

You can start work right away without changing any of the default settings. Some of the settings that you might want to check include:

Setting Description
Change Password Reset your account password.
Log Out Sign out and delete any Drafts and forms in your Outbox.
Contact Support Get help by phone or email, or go to our self-service website.
Application Settings Customize how you capture and display information on your app, including alerts for specific actions.
Passcode Lock Set up an app-level passcode for added security.

Access the TrueContext Settings from the gear icon in the bottom right of the Home screen.

The default home page of the Android app displays five tiles: Forms, Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, and Sent.



This shows you the username of the signed-in user. If the app shows the wrong username, sign out, and then sign in with the correct username.

Change Password

You can change your account password from the app—you don’t have to go to the Web Portal to change your password. Use your new password the next time you sign into the app or Web Portal.

Tip:You must know your current password in order to create a new one. If you can’t remember your password, select Forgot Password and enter your email address. The system sends you an email that includes a link and instructions to reset your password.

Account Details

This page lists your team and user information. You can also view and edit your contact information here.

Log Out

This action logs you out of the Mobile App. When you log out, the system permanently deletes all Drafts and Outbox forms and resets app settings to their default values.

Note:Deleted data can’t be recovered.


Contact Support

Select the Support email address, phone number, or URL to start an email, phone call, or web browser. By default, this is the contact information for TrueContext Support, but a TrueContext Admin user can customize this information.

Application Settings

Photo Size

Image resolution (Photo Size) and file size (Photo Compression) both affect image quality.

Note:Your admin can set a maximum resolution and file size in the question properties. This limits the image and file size, regardless of your app-level setting. If the admin chooses to Use device settings, your app-level settings determine the image quality.

You only need to change the image settings when:

  • Your device is low on storage space.

  • Your admin doesn’t know how large the images should be to display properly.

  • Your admin has selected Use device settings.

The Photo Size setting controls the size of the image itself. The larger the image, the better the resolution (quality). The Medium (default) option works well in most cases.

Tip: Only choose a large image size when you really need to. A form that has lots of large images increases the form submission size, processing times, and data usage on the mobile device.

There are four Photo Size options:

Option Maximum length of the long edge
Small 640 pixels
Medium (Default) 1024 pixels
Original Original resolution and display size
Custom Custom value

Photo Compression

The Photo Compression setting controls the size of the image file. A higher compression reduces both the file size and the image quality.

Tip:If you choose a higher compression, we advise that you also choose a smaller Photo Size.

Audio Quality

Change the quality of audio files that you attach to your forms. Medium Quality (the default) should suffice for most recordings.

Note:A higher audio quality increases the file size, which affects the form submission size, processing time, and cellular data usage.

The question settings override the Mobile App settings if the admin selects the Enforce audio quality option.

Advanced Settings

Server Settings

Use Push

Push Notifications tell you when there are updates to forms and other content. You can reconcile (sync) to get these updates.

Unregister Device

This is an advanced setting that you shouldn’t use unless TrueContext Support directs you to.

Security Settings

Passcode Lock

For added security, you can set up an app-level passcode. After you set up a passcode lock, the Mobile App prompts you for your passcode the next time you open the app. Only a user who knows the passcode can access TrueContext data.

The Android Mobile App does not support face or touch recognition as alternatives to entering a passcode.

Info:The topic TrueContext Mobile App Passcode Lock describes the passcode lock setting in more detail.

Change Passcode

You can change your passcode any time after you set it up. In the Security Settings, select Change Passcode. The app prompts you to enter your old passcode, and then to enter and reenter your new passcode.

Erase Data

When you set up your passcode, you can also choose to Erase Data after 10 failed passcode attempts. Switch this option on to permanently delete all drafts, pending submissions, and app settings.

Warning:You can’t get the local data back once it’s deleted.


Send Logs

Send an email that includes a zip file version of logs that can help the support team troubleshoot any issues.

Log Level

As advised by the support team, use this option to change how much information the logs collect.

Reset Options

Reset Forms

The support team might tell you to Reset Forms if the forms or other data on your device aren’t working. This action re-downloads data from the server and stores it on your device. You won’t lose any information that you already entered in a form.

Repeat Row Settings

Row Copy Confirmation

Display a prompt to confirm that you want to copy a row from a Repeatable SectionClosed A Repeatable Section is a subform that contains a set of related questions. The data captured is “repeating”, because the field user can complete the same subform more than once, which creates multiple entries. Summary Table. The prompt displays when you open an existing entry and select the copy icon. From the Summary Table, you can also swipe the row right and then select the copy option.

Row Delete Confirmation

Display a prompt to confirm that you want to delete a row from a Repeatable Section Summary Table. The prompt displays when you swipe the row left and then select the delete option.


Use Preferred Form Language

(Available with the Multi-Language Forms add-on)

This setting shows that you selected the Make this my preferred language option when you opened a form.

To switch off this setting, clear the Use preferred form language checkbox.

Result: The app saves the previously selected language in case you want to use it again.

Visit Portal Reminder

When the TrueContext server receives a submitted form, display a prompt to check items in your Sent list.

Send Form Confirmation

Display a prompt to confirm that your form is ready to send. This gives you a chance to go back and edit the form before you send it.

Clear Confirmation

For Text Area questions, when you select Clear, display a prompt to confirm that you want to clear your answer. This prevents accidentally deleting long answers.

External Camera

Select this option if you want to use a camera app other than the TrueContext built-in camera app.

Select a barcode scanner

Choose from the barcode scanners installed on your device, or select the TrueContext built-in scanner.



Displays the version and build of the installed TrueContext Mobile App.

Tip:We recommend that you always run the most recent version of TrueContext.

Terms of Use

Opens a browser that displays the TrueContext Subscription Agreement.


Displays a list of the third-party licenses used by TrueContext.