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This topic describes how Resource Images provide your users with reference information in a form, as well as how to create and configure them.

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Introduction to Resource Images

Resource Images are images that you can upload to a specific FormSpaceClosed FormSpaces are where forms are stored and organized in the TrueContext Web Portal. A TrueContext Team may have multiple FormSpaces, depending on their needs. Admins can set FormSpace permissions to control which users have access to the forms in that FormSpace. in the Web Portal. You can then reference these images in a form by using any of the following question types or help options:

You can reference a Resource Image from any form within the same FormSpace, as shown in the following illustration.

Because a Resource Image is a shared resource within the FormSpace, it's easy to keep all your forms up to date with the latest version of the image. Simply upload a new Resource Image with the same name as the old one. The image updates after a reconcile—there's no need to manually update any of your forms.

When to use Resource Images

Resource Images provide reference material for your mobile users. You can use a Resource Image as part of the question itself or as part of the answer to a question. Once downloaded, Resource Images are available offline.

Example Configuration
Before and after photos of an engine repair
  • Use a Resource Image question to display the images inline as part of a question.

  • Limit of 10 images per question, 100 images per page, and 100 images per form.

Illustrated job steps for servicing a medical device
  • Put the written instructions in the question text, and provide a Resources help option that the user can view on demand.

  • Limit of six images per question.

Building floor plan for a facility inspector to annotate
  • Use a Sketch Pad question to use the image as part of the answer to a question.

  • Limit of three images per question.

A technician needs to identify a product model before they can start work
  • Use a Card List question to display a list of items with images. The user can select one option as their response.

  • Limit of 10 images per question, 100 images per page, and 100 images per form.

Supported Resource Image file types

You can upload any of the following image file types to use as a Resource Image.

  • JPG

  • JPEG

  • PNG

Image file size considerations

  • The maximum image file size supported for Resource Images is 2 MB.

  • The maximum supported image dimensions are 4096 x 4096 pixels. If the image dimensions are larger, the system resizes the image to the maximum allowed while maintaining the aspect ratio.

  • To improve the performance of your forms, such as how long they take to download, think about the image size when it's displayed on a user's mobile device. For example, unless the user needs to display the image full screen on an iPad or zoom in to see detail, you can upload a smaller file. For logos that you want to display on every page, use the smallest file that provides a good quality image.

    Tip:The size of the Resource Image affects the size of the image in documents.

View Resource Images

  1. In the Web Portal, go to MANAGE FORMS > Resources.

    Result: The Web Portal displays a list of all your Resources, including Resource Images and Resource Documents (Enterprise tier only).

  2. Select a Resource Image to view the details page.

Create a Resource Image

  1. In the Web Portal, go to MANAGE FORMS > Resources.

  2. Select CREATE Resource > Resource Image.

  3. Configure the following information:

    Enter a name for your Resource Image.
    Optionally, enter a description.
    Resource Image File
    Select Choose File, and then upload an image file from your device.
    Note:Your image must be in JPEG, JPG, or PNG format, and it must be smaller than 2 MB.
    Image Size in Documents
    Choose the size for the image to be displayed in documents. The default option is Small, which renders at 2 inches wide.
    Keep in mind that the size of images affects the size of the documents that include them. Documents with multiple large images take longer to download than documents with small images. This is especially important when you choose the Original size option.
    Note:Although you can change the display size, the image resolution does not change. A smaller image might not render correctly if you choose a larger size. This is especially important for the Original image size. We recommend that you test your image in documents and adjust the dimensions if needed.
    Do you want mobile users to be notified of the changes so they can reconcile their app?
    • If yes, go to step 4.
    • If no, select the check box to suppress push notifications, and then go to step 4.
  4. Select Create.

Info:To use the Resource Image, reference the image from a form. The topics Question Type: Image and Sketch Pad, Adding Help Content to Questions, Question Type: Card List, and Question Type: Resource Image describe how to reference Resource Images in more detail.

Edit a Resource Image

When you edit a Resource Image, you can change the configuration, including your image file. All forms that reference the Resource Image automatically update when users reconcile their device.

  1. In the Web Portal, go to MANAGE FORMS > Resources.

  2. Select the Resource Image you want to edit.

    Result: The Resource Image details page opens.

  3. Select Edit Resource Image.

    "Boat Image" resource image details page that shows the "Edit Resource Image" button. Select this to choose a new image or change other settings, such as the image size in documents.

  4. Edit the information about your Resource Image as specified in the Create a Resource Image section.

Delete a Resource Image

Warning:If you delete a Resource Image, you can’t recover it from the TrueContext server.

  1. In the Web Portal, go to MANAGE FORMS > Resources.

  2. Select the Resource Image you want to delete.

    Result: The Resource Image details page opens.

    Note:You can’t delete a Resource Image if any forms reference it.

  3. Select the arrow next to the image name, and then select Delete.

    Result: The system prompts you to confirm that you want to permanently delete the Resource Image.

  4. Select Permanently Delete Resource to confirm.

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