Salesforce Integration Overview

Salesforce Integration is the secure communication and data sharing between the Salesforce and ProntoForms systems.

Our tight integration with Salesforce means that you can pull data from and map data to any object in your org. ProntoForms provides Salesforce Data Destinations that update and create records even within a parent-child (related) object structure.

Once a field user submits a ProntoForm, you can use that data for your Salesforce:

  • Analytics

  • Automated workflows and processing

  • Dashboards

  • Record-keeping

  • Reporting

ProntoForms supports data mapping to standard and custom Salesforce objects and fields, as well as objects created by third-party AppExchange packages.

ProntoForms supports mapping data to... For example...
Standard objects and fields
  • Sales Cloud

  • Service Cloud

  • Field Service Management

  • Industry Solutions

Objects and fields created by third-party AppExchange packages
  • SeviceMax Core

  • ServiceMax Asset 360

Custom objects and fields Customer defined objects and fields

Key Concepts

ProntoForms can pull data from Salesforce records of any Object type into your forms. ProntoForms can also create or update Salesforce records with data from submitted forms. The following integration points in ProntoForms enable this type of communication:

  • Salesforce Connection—to establish a secure, OAuth connection between Salesforce and ProntoForms

  • Salesforce Data Source— to use Salesforce reports or Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to pull data into ProntoForms

  • Salesforce Data Destination—to push data from ProntoForms to Salesforce Objects

Tip: ProntoForms supports both Salesforce sandbox and production environments.


You can configure Salesforce Data Destinations to send form data to specific fields in Salesforce, such as account information, contacts, or records. A Salesforce Apex REST Data Destination can send data to complete custom actions in Salesforce, such as to update a Chatter feed.

A Salesforce Report Data Source can retrieve data from specific Salesforce fields, such as account information, report status, and case number. A Salesforce Query Data Source uses SOQL to retrieve data from Salesforce Objects to populate forms.

Regardless of the Salesforce Data Source or Data Destinations you choose, you must first have a Salesforce Connection that enables you to send and receive data.


Error messages help you identify where there is missing information in a submission or configuration. When ProntoForms and Salesforce communicate, you may receive an error message. Resolve the issues and resend the data to ensure that your Salesforce records update properly.